Film for September 2014

September saw me pick up an SLR which makes a huge change from the Polaroid of last month!




The Nikon EM is a little gem, and I have my very own thanks to Brett (you can see his adventures with the camera on his blog here), and I really enjoyed using it.

The Nikon EM was produced from 1979 – 1982, and oddly it was produced and marketed for the growing number of women photographers of the time.  So perhaps it is the perfect camera for me!

This little camera is not fully manual, but is very user friendly, and as I tend to shoot in aperture priority for the most part it suited me just fine.

Here are a few of my favourites from September for you to have a little look at.








I am fast running out of months for this project – I think I will miss it a lot when it is done and dusted.  I will certainly be carrying on taking film photos even if I don’t use quite so many cameras!

Organdie. x

Books, Books and More Books

Book Pages

Books – how I love and despair of them at the same time!

I love books, I buy books all the time (far too often in fact) and I enjoy having them around me.  But since moving back home to try and start up my business (pop over to say hi if you have a moment!) I have found myself in a very limited space and with limited funds.  I hate clutter at the best of times (and I know it might seem awful to call books clutter, but that is what they are starting to feel like at the moment) and the fact that I have crammed my life and quite a lot of stuff into one small-ish room is getting me down a little more than I thought it might.

So I have decided to start a big declutter project – anything that I don’t use, like or need anymore is going – being sold or given to charity, anything – it’s outtahere!  I have been reading quite a lot about minimalism and the Tiny House Movement (via Tammy Strobel and her lovely blog Rowdy Kittens) and the more I read about it, the more it appeals to me.   It is something I am aiming towards, which brings me to the thorny issue of my book collection.

Now, my collection is not huge by some standards, but in a small room the big bookcase seems to fill a lot of space – and when a Tiny House is on the horizon at some point, it’s not really a viable option to try and keep every single book I have at the moment (and will no doubt accumulate in the future).

I am thinking that my Kindle might be the answer in a space saving sense (shock horror I know!) and that if I can get my head around almost solely reading on there then I would be OK.  The reason that I haven’t mentioned the library yet in this post is that when I read a book and love it, I always want a copy of my own to read and reread (yes, I am a person who rereads a lot!) and if I was to use the library for all my reading, I couldn’t do this in the same way – relying on someone else not beating me to it when I simply must read a favourite again does not appeal!  And while I know that reading on the Kindle is not the same, and there are issues over ownership etc, for the most part the books I have on the device will be there for me to reread as and when the mood takes me.  So for me parting with paper books, once I have read and loved them, is not easy.  But could it partly be solved by the Kindle?  I will always keep a shelf of favourites that will never leave me, which I am thinking might have to number less than 20 while also leaving room for my photography books which will not translate well to the Kindle.  I am not really sure how I feel about this whole situation really, I love my books and sometimes feel as though I read and remember books on paper better than the Kindle.  Will dreaming of a Tiny House life mean that my reading life will change beyond recognition??

Do any of you have an ereader?  Would you ever contemplate giving up your book collections?

Organdie. x

Film Swapping #2

Here are a few more of the weird and wonderful film swap images I had from the swap with Helen Briggs – you can see her lovely blog over here!

Swap 8

Swap 9

Swap 10

Swap 11

Swap 12

Swap 13

If you fancy having a go at a film swap – get in touch!

Organdie. x