Media Detox Update!


Well I made it, and it wasn’t really as hard as you would think!  I say that knowing full well that a couple of weeks is not a long time in the slightest!

I started off feeling a little bit lost, but the feeling only lasted a day at the very most, I quickly forgot about wanting to check things on Facebook and Instagram and started to concentrate on what was happening in real life.  Quite refreshing actually.

I have to admit to still using my computer quite a bit for work things, so my first day was relatively normal apart from not checking social media sites, and I did stick to my rule of only checking my emails twice during the day, rather that always having a tab open with them pinging away.

My evenings certainly felt calmer without the constant interruptions of my tablet within reach allowing me to look up anything and everything that popped into my head as I would normally do.  I have found that this habit is particularly bad for my concentration levels – my brain seems to be quite busy thinking of new things and if I pander to it by looking things up all the time I never concentrate on one thing for more than a couple of minutes.

I also started to unsubscribe to any emails that came through during my detox that really were not interesting or relevant to me anymore.  I had got into the habit of just deleting any of these emails without reading them, but spending a couple of minutes unsubscribing has meant a much cleaner inbox which makes me a lot happier.

I did find that some social media type things on the internet are actually quite useful for business – obvious really I suppose – and even things like trying to describe to Brett what kind of central reservation I would like in the shop soon would have been so much easier if I had had access to the picture on Pinterest!  Overall though, as Brett does the majority of the social media things for Saltmarsh and Samphire, I felt OK ignoring it for a couple of weeks!

My concentration levels didn’t miraculously increase – although they did slightly, and I was very pleased about that – and my creativity didn’t automatically go into overdrive, although I did do slightly more than I would have done had I been glued to my tablet!  I wasn’t expecting miracles, so this was quite encouraging really.

I am going to try and use the internet in a more mindful way from now on – I hate just sitting there scrolling through pins or pictures on Instagram without really taking the content in.  It seems a huge waste of time.  So I am going to be more relaxed about how I use these platforms for myself (the business side of things will have to be slightly different) and only use them if I genuinely want to look at the content and not just as a reflex when I have more than 3 minutes to kill.  I am also going to build internet free days into my week and longer detoxes more frequently – it was very soothing to switch off for a while from the constant clamour of everyday online life.

Sounds like a plan!

Have you been tempted to do a detox?  What have you been getting up to while I was away?

Organdie. x