The Year in Books :: August 2015


Another shorter post for The Year in Books this month too – I only read one book this month, but it was another cracker!

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman is a wry, funny, uplifting and heartwarming tale of Ove, a crochety old git and his life as it is now.  It is told in the present and also via flashbacks to his life as it was.  This book made me laugh, nod in agreement and ultimately cry my eyes out, and I had to get my own copy as soon as the library copy went back so I can reread this one again soon.  I think it might appeal to fans of Harold Fry, or really anyone who just want to read about characters they will come to love.

Let’s hope that August continues the trend of brilliant reads – I think I may have been quite lucky the last two months, I am kind of dreading picking something up that is not so great now!  As is quite usual with me, I am not quite sure what is on my reading horizon.  I am planning to read The Double – Edged Sword by Sarah Silverwood with Elena over at the YouTube channel Elena Reads Books which is quite exciting – I have never done a buddy read before.  I think we are planning to read this one in August sometime so that will be on the list if all goes to plan.


What are you planning to read this month?  Hopefully there will be lots of sunshine to enjoy alongside the reading too!

Organdie. x

PS – As always this project was started by Laura over at Circle of Pine Trees– go and say hi, her blog is gorgeous!  You can find more information about The Year in Books project by visiting the page on her blog here.



Do you ever get that burned out feeling – trying to do too much and spreading yourself too thinly?  I feel like that now.  I am not complaining about being busy with the shop or anything like that, because that it great.  I am feeling frazzled by social media, keeping up with a million things online everyday and not feeling like I am doing many of them justice.

So with that in mind, I am going to take a short blogging break in order to give myself a chance to recoup.  I don’t want to keep posting things that I am not overly happy with – if I wouldn’t particularly want to read it, why should I expect you to?!

I am hoping that Susannah Conway is planning her annual August Break photo challenge this year – if she does, then I will be back blogging away to join in with the challenge because it is really quite enjoyable.  That’s what I want blogging to be – enjoyable.  At the moment it doesn’t feel quite like that, so maybe when I return I will cut myself some slack and perhaps post less, but post better.

In the meantime I will be steeling myself for the crazy busy season in Wells (I hope that we will be crazy busy in the shop – looking forward to it!) and opening 7 days a week.  We have lots to look forward to – but I don’t want to be feeling too burned out before it has even started.

So I hope you will forgive me a little mini blogging break – I will be back soon!

Organdie. x