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Just a little post from me this morning – everything has been a little bit crazy with weddings and camera shows here over the last couple of weeks, it feels like I haven’t had much time to plan posts or anything much…

But this week I have a little treat to look forward to after some manic weeks of work – we are going to The Country Living Christmas Fair on Thursday down in London.  I am a little bit excited – am I the only one who really looks forward to Christmas?  It should be just what I need to get me in the mood good and proper, as well as being a good place to pick up some little Christmas gifts too.

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Photograph found on the Country Living Christmas Fair website – looks like a lovely Christmas!

Also a little reminder that my online course – The Art of Everyday Photography – is open for registration again now.  We will start next Monday – 17th November – for five weeks, might be the perfect time to brush up on your photography in time for your Christmas celebrations!  If you would like more information or to register for your place in class, please visit Saltmarsh and Samphire.  I would absolutely love to see some of you in class soon!

Organdie. x



Film Swapping Gallery

Couldn’t resit a little post showing all the film swap photographs off together.  This was a project set up by Helen Briggs Photography – please go and say hello, you can find her blog here.

The project was such fun – and not knowing what the results would be meant that waiting for the photographs to come back was doubly exciting.  If you would like to have a go at a film swap get in touch – I’d love to do it again!

Organdie. x

PS – The Art of Everyday Photography is open for registration – pop over here for more details.

The Year in Books :: November

Arrrggh! The dreaded reading slump seems to be upon me!  Following on from a good September I seem to have fizzled out in my reading in the second half of October.  I did manage to read a couple of books at the very beginning of the month (one was tiny and lovely) but after that my reading mojo has gone walk abouts…

28th - Books

I read Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell to kick the month off and to see what everyone was talking about – I seem to see this book around and mentioned on blogs and youtube a lot.  It was a cute and easy read – and only took me a few days to finish.  I didn’t love it as much as everyone else seems to on, but it was enjoyable.  I might be tempted to try out some more Rainbow Rowell at some point, maybe!


The other book I read this month was Roverandum by J. R. R Tolkien.  As some of you might know I LOVE Tolkien, and this little book was a lovely little read.  It is very short and only took a few hours to get through, but it was a charming little story, and one that I am pleased to have in my Tolkien collection.  I was rather hoping it might inspire me to read a little more – it was around this time that I felt my reading slump come on – but so far I am not too fussed about anything on my shelves.  Which makes me a little bit sad.

I have been given a title by Radio 2 for Simon Mayo’s bookclub to read, so I am getting through that – but I am not really over excited to pick it up each day (and I am on a deadline to read it too which isn’t helping much!) and I don’t think it is helping me get out of the slump.  And in turn I am sure I am not doing the book any favours by gritting my teeth to read it!  I am sure it is a better book that I am thinking in current reading mindset!

Have any of you been in a reading slump?  I have had them before for a few days and a week or so before, but I have never really felt like I am not fussed about reading for as long as this before.  I wonder if I will be able to get out of it in time to read something good to share with you next month?!

I hope you are all reading something good, or if you are not reading so much like me, I hope you are doing something else that makes you happy instead!

Organdie. x

Film Swapping #8

Here are the last of my film swap images – I really love a couple in this selection, especially the fish tank and quay – what a lucky combination!  Do pop over to Helen’s blog to take a look at her lovely photography too.  You can find her blog here.

Swap 46

Swap 47

Swap 48

Swap 49

Swap 50

Swap 51

This was a super idea and such a fun project to take part in – if you fancy a go I would be so pleased to hear from you!

Organdie. x