What I am up to right now

Making: Lots of things for my new shop!

Cooking: Things with lots of veggies – I am trying to be good…

Drinking: Tea of various kinds, mainly camomile and honey (it’s yummy)

Reading: Some things, but still only in very short stints, I am hoping this will pass soon – it is driving me mad!

Wanting: My concentration back again – NO

Looking: Forward

Playing: With making things, funny how some things just work and others are a bit of a disaster first time around

Wasting: A bit of time, not as much as before now that I have a good thing to focus on!

Sewing: Still nothing – perhaps I will learn one day…

Wishing: For the shop to be here and ready already!  I am not good at waiting at all.

Enjoying: Planning and preparing

Waiting: For February 1st and getting the keys

Liking: Getting under my duvet to work in the evenings

Wondering: How much I will miss my duvet once the shop is open!

Loving: Yoga at the moment, so calming but at the same time very challenging.

Hoping: That we will make a great success of Saltmarsh and Samphire this year

Marvelling: Yep – always

Needing: A few clothes, not much.

Smelling: Handmade candles in my room

Wearing: Old comfy clothes, I am relishing them while I still can!

Following: Lots of pinners, bloggers and youtubers

Noticing: That my back hurts from carrying my cameras in a silly “pretty” bag

Knowing: Not enough

Feeling: Excited!

Bookmarking: Too much, I need to cut down on my media consumption, I never get round too all my bookmarks…

Opening: My mind to new possibilities

Giggling: More than normal – nervously?!

What have you been up to lately?

Organdie. x

(This idea was shamelessly stolen from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes)

Big News!

Colour S&S circle big

I have been so excited about this for ages and it is finally all official and actually happening – Saltmarsh and Samphire has a shop!  A physical, real, tangible shop!

We have been hoping against hope that we might be able to get a little shop in Wells – next – the – Sea for a long long time, but have always been stopped in our tracks by the thought of the rent and the costs of keeping it going.  But this little shop (with some very very welcome help from our lovely families) is within our budget and we have gone for it.

We get the keys on 1st February and I actually don’t think I can wait that long!  We have been in to measure up for shelves and fittings, and I am itching to get painting and sorting everything out for our grand opening on 14th February – just in time for half term.

I am sure there will be posts about painting and sawing and drilling for you to look at soon, if you are interested in that sort of thing, and I get the feeling that I will be a bit of a shop bore for a good while at least – sorry about that in advance!

Along with our online courses and other bits and pieces, 2015 looks like being a very very special year.

I hope that 2015 brings you something special too – I’d love to hear about your projects and plans too.

Organdie. x

The Year in Film 2014 in Review

Well that went quite quickly didn’t it!

I really enjoyed my Year of Film project, and I am feeling a tiny bit lost without a film camera on me at all times now!  It is a different experience to be a bit freer with my photography – I am not doing any specific challenges this year as I have some other very exciting projects lined up (more on that next week) and I didn’t want the added pressure.

I thought I would do a small wrap up of the project as a whole, by choosing one of my favourite photographs from each month of film last year – I am excited to see what the little collection looks like all together!

So here we go;


January 2014.  The Tide Station – Pentax P30n


February 2014.  Lady Iris – Ilford Sportsman


March 2014.  Gulls – Zenit TTL


April 2014.  Gorse – Diana Mini


May 2014.  East Quay – Cosmic 35


June 2014.  Sunset – Olympus Trip 35

12th July - King's Lynn

July 2014.  King’s Lynn – Pentax ME Super


August 2014.  Japanese Anemones – Polaroid Sun 600


September 2014.  Steps – Nikon EM


October 2014.  Bench – Kodak Colorsnap 35


November 2014.  Reflections – Olympus OM10

Eerie branches

December 2014.  Branches – Fuji Instax Mini 90

So there we have it – a year in favourite film photographs.  I quite like them all together, brings back a few memories of the past year.  If you would like to see more of the photographs I took during the project, you can click on the individual months or visit the Year of Film page here.

I am keen to do more with film, so I am sure in the coming months I will devise a film project for 2016 despite all the other things I have to occupy myself!

Have you got any projects lined up for 2015?

Organdie. x

The Year in Books :: January 2015

I am so pleased that Laura over at Circle of Pine Trees has decided to keep going with her Year in Books project from last year.  I really enjoyed documenting the books that I read in 2014, and am looking forward to doing the same with the books from 2015.

So in December 2014 I read three books, which kind of surprised me – I felt like I was not reading much at all, rather spending the time fretting over one thing or another (daft).

Christmas Books

First I read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens which I read every year if I can, it is one of my favourites.  I have to say that this time around I was not feeling overly Christmassy, so it seemed to fall ever so slightly flat for me which I was quite sad about.   But it was still a lovely read and one that I will definitely read again in December this year.

Letters from Father Christmas

Next up was another Christmas staple for me – Letters from Father Christmas by J.R.R Tolkien.  You may know that I love all things Tolkien anyway, and this is just a lovely lovely book.  I always enjoy reading this one, even just flipping through is a joy – there are facsimiles of the letters Tolkien sent to his children, and they are works of art in themselves without even reading the words!

Work and Love

The last book I read in December was Work and Love by Tuula Karjalainen which is a biography of Tove Jansson (big fan of the Moomins too!) and it was a really enjoyable look into the world of the woman who created the wonderful world of the Moomins.  At times the translation seemed a little stilted, but the information in the book was so interesting.  I might buy myself a copy of this one at some point, it was another visually stunning book to look through.

As for January, I am not sure what will be on my reading horizon.  I am reading Instant: The Story of Polaroid by Christopher Bonanos at the moment and finding that quite interesting, although I am not a huge fan of the writing style – the sentences seem quite short and disjointed sometimes.


I am craving some fiction of some kind that I can lose myself in, and obviously nothing on my shelves seems to appeal to me at the moment!  I am wanting to try and switch off from mindless media consumption in 2015 and really get stuck in to other things that might be seen as more useful (?) and reading seems to be one of the things that has really suffered in recent years for me in favour of the TV and the internet.  Not for much longer I am hoping!

Here’s to a good year of reading!  What have you got lined up for January?

Organdie. x