Tea Roulette

Tea RouletteAs a tea lover, I thought I would share with you this infographic sent to me by the lovely people at Tea Roulette.  They are a start up business based in Lincoln, and I for one cannot wait for their Kickstarter campaign to go live – a surprise parcel of tea each month?!  Yes please!

Are you a tea lover too?

Organdie. x

30 Days Wild – Nestlings



I was so excited when I saw a couple of collared doves building a ridiculously flimsy little nest under the eaves near our kitchen window.  I have been trying to peek around impossible corners to see the progress of the nest building, the egg laying and the chicks growing.  They started off as two extremely fluffy, stripy looking balls of feathers, and almost overnight seemed to grow into this;


I have been watching them avidly – almost not wanting to go and open up the gallery, and instead find myself a comfy place to sit and observe them all day! – and I think they are just about to leave.  As I write this (on Wednesday 24the June) there has been a lot of furious wing stretching and visits to the very edge of the nest.  I don’t think they will be around for long at all.  It will be sad to see them leave, but how very exciting it all is!

Have you seen any fledgling birds in your gardens or parks?  I honestly could watch them all day long!

Organdie. x

PS – this post was written as part of the #30dayswild challenge set up by the Wildlife Trusts – you can find more information about it here.

30 Day Wild – Planting Wildflowers



As you might know I am participating in the #30dayswild challenge set by the Wildlife Trusts (you can find more information on how to join in by visiting their website here).  As part of this initiative I planted some wildflowers, and I have been amazed at how they have grown up in the last few weeks.

From this:


Via this:



To this:


Can’t wait for the flowers to come out now!

I love it when something so simple brings so much pleasure – and as a huge added bonus, will attract and support wildlife too!  Yes!

Organdie. x

30 Days Wild – Walks in the Wild



How about taking a walk somewhere that you don’t normally go as part of 30 Days Wild?

Brett Cley

We went off to visit Cley the other day on the Norfolk Coast, and explored the area around the lovely windmill there.  Where might you go to explore somewhere a little bit wild this month?

Let me know if you have been joining in with the campaign (you can find more information on the Wildlife Trust website here)

Organdie. x