The August Break

August already – what?!


I felt like I needed a little break from blogging, but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to completely give it up for any length of time.  I was struggling to find words to go with images sometimes and the posts were starting to feel a little bit forced.  So when I noticed that Susannah Conway was bringing back the wonderful August Break, I immediately thought “yep, that’s what I need”.  Simple really, a photo a day for the whole month (something that I am doing anyway, but with the prompts Susannah provides, it will be more interesting).  I am aiming to post the results of my August Break here for you to have a little look at.

So from debating whether to have a blogging break, to possibly posting everyday for a month (no promises!) – I seem to have done a complete U Turn.  Oh well – let’s go with it!

Will you be joining in with the August Break too?

Organdie. x

My Online Courses

Hello – just quick post today before I have a little bit of time off.  I am heading off to Lincolnshire soon to spend some time with Brett’s family and to celebrate his birthday – love a birthday, other people’s even more than mine – and I am hoping to be able to get out with my camera and explore a little bit.

Do you ever find that sometimes staying in the same place can seem a little bit boring?  I know that  struggle sometimes with finding inspiration in the everyday, but I have decided to embrace it, love it and try to find something beautiful in my everyday life.  I know you can too – and if you are wanting to take your photography to the next level, I would love to try and help you with my new course.

I don’t want this post to be all sales and pushy because that is not who I am at all – but I just thought I would mention the course (might be a little bit silly not to really!)

I wonder if it might also be time to add a new photography challenge to my expanding list.  I am loving the photo a day project – it is a great one to focus the mind, you really do have to look hard sometimes to find that picture – and I am so in love with the 12 months of film project.  Perhaps I could start a little day in the life series – maybe once a week or month – to really look for the beautiful moments that DO happen everyday and often go unnoticed.

Hmmm, things to think about!


I hope you have lots of things to inspire you in your life – and if you would like to join me on the course – pop over here!

Organdie. x

Film for July 2014

I love love loved my camera for July – so much so that I managed to get through two films instead of my usual one, and it is loaded up and ready to go again next time I am out and about.

This month saw me use my Grandad’s Pentax ME Super, and I thought it was the bees knees!  I also loved that it was something that Grandad had used before – it makes it feel a little bit more special.

The Pentax ME Super camera was produced by Pentax from 1979 – 1984 so it is of a similar age to last month’s camera.  It feels lovely and solid and is really useable with a top shutter speed of 1/2000 of a second.  I used a trusty 50mm lens – love a nifty fifty – and thoroughly enjoyed myself this month!

Here are some of my favourite images from the month for you to have a shifty at;




12th July - King's Lynn




Organdie. x


I went to visit the little town of Thornham the other week with Brett so we could take some landscape shots of a wreck we knew was there.  It is quite a famous little boat and it looked like it had been there forever and was very much part of the landscape.

We were so surprised when we arrived to find that the wreck had almost disappeared from view – we think that the storms of December 2013 must have completely torn it apart so that only the bottom half was still visible.

It actually made me feel strangely sad to think that it has finally gone.  I do also feel lucky to have snapped this photo of it when we visited last September.

Landscape Wreck Colour

A landscape that will not be quite the same again.

Organdie. x