A day on the beach

I went to the beach at Wells – Next – the – Sea the day before my birthday last week with Brett  – can you tell who is who?

I thought it may be about time I used my camera for a proper day’s outing rather than just taking out around town now and again.

We tried some abstract images which nearly worked but didn’t quite, but I still quite like this one anyway:

I guess the most memorable thing about Wells beach is the beach huts.  We had a bit of a tricky time photographing them because the sun was out and we came to the beach at completely the wrong time of day, but who cares really when you can just be somewhere as pretty as this for a few hours?

I think I could look at this view for hours on end and not get bored.  Especially when there are solitary dog walkers now and again, but the beach is not too busy like it is in the summer.

Back on the quay you can really smell the sea (in a good way, it shouldn’t put you off!).  I enjoy taking images of smaller parts of bigger objects.  Gives you a different way of looking at things, and a good excuse to use my 50mm lens which I LOVE!

This is my favourite image though, it was one of my first shots of the day before we even set foot on the sand!

What do you like to take photos of?  Do you have somewhere special you like to go on your birthday too?


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