Meet Martin and Hugo!

I have been trying to think of some things to write about on here lately and I always seem to come up against a brick wall for some reason.  So today I got my camera out and took some photos of a couple of knitted characters I have been working on recently – it is about time I got myself going with the blog properly instead of leaving it so long between posts really!

So here is Martin the Mouse







I have been accused of forgetting to give Martin any eyes by a certain someone, but as you can see Martin is wearing a Superhero style mask (on this side at least – ahem…) so you wouldn’t be able to see his eyes anyway would you…right?

Anyway, next up is Hugo the Hippo







I think Hugo is really cute actually – I knitted him on my birthday, which apparently is a weird way to spend your time on your birthday but I don’t think I agree.  I used some of my favourite wool – Creative Poems aran by Rico Designs – to make Hugo.  I love the way it changes colour every so often so you are never quite sure how things will turn out when you are using it.  Also it save me the trouble of trying to make nice patterns with different colours!  (As you can see, Hugo is complete with eyes.)


I started knitting these little critters with the aim of perhaps selling them on Folksy and Etsy, but when it comes down to it I am too much of a daft softie to part with them once I have seen their faces!  So for Folky and Etsy I will have to think of some other designs for other people to hopefully buy from me.

Silly huh?


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