Books and reading

I have been trying to be good with my reading and book buying lately.  I am usually really bad at reading something all the way through without the temptation of the next shiny new book creeping up on me half way through – which is just silly.

I am reading Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything at the moment, and it is making my brain hurt ever so slightly if I am honest.  It is a fascinating read, but I am thinking that there may just be too much for my tiny brain to take in all at once.  I feel like I am hapily reading along, and then all of a sudden Bill will say something like, “as you will remember from chapter 2, so and so said something that I briefly mentioned and that you immediatley forgot” and I have to rush back to prove to myself that I was in fact awake when I read chapter 2 (honest…).

I am really enjoying it despite the fact that it is making me feel a bit stupid sometimes, some of the facts that he casually throws in sort of just knock you for six.   So I am going to resist the urge to put it down and read something a little lighter (I know Bill Bryson isn’t meant to be a heavy read, it just feels like it because I appear to have let my brain fuzz over in the last few years) until I have completed the whole thing.


Whether I remember much of the content after a few days of finishing is another matter entirely…



2 thoughts on “Books and reading

  1. Trust me, you’ll remember about 1% of it – and even then only vaguely and in the wrong order. However, after reading it I did come to the conclusion that I actually want to be a biologist/paleontologist/​chemist/archaeologist/​geologist/anthropologist/​space-cowgirl 🙂

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