I used to make bread fairly regularly, but since I have moved house I seem to have fallen out of the habit.  So to rectify this I decided to try my hand at making brioche the other day.

It seemed a bit weird to be adding butter eggs and sugar to my bread mix – not to mention leaving it in the fridge overnight…

Anyway, at 6.30 yesterday morning I was down in the kitchen shaping the chilled dough into my best attempt at a loaf shape (I think I need to work on this a bit as you will see later)

I had to leave this in the warmest place I could in the house – the airing cupboard – although it has been fairly springlike  over the last few days so the boiler has not been on as much as over the winter, so I am not sure if it was noticeable warmer than anywhere else really.  But in any case it stayed there for about 5 hours – supposedly doubling in size, although that more often that not does not happen in my breadmaking…

So I glazed the loaf with egg and milk (again weird) and put it in the oven for around 40 minutes.

I am always a bit disappointed with how my loaves come out – one side always seems to look semi normal and the other looks like something from Alien;

I’m not sure this is normal actually – I do need to work on the shaping part of my breadmaking.

But taste is more important I think (well I would have to say that with loaves that come out looking like that really wouldn’t I?)  And this tasted alright – although I am not sure now I have made it whether I have ever had brioche before to be able to compare this attempt to taste-wise.  It tastes lovely – especially with a bit of chocolate spread on.  I am looking forward to testing it again today after it has be resting for a little bit longer.


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