Happy Tolkien Reading Day

Apparently today is Tolkien Reading Day, and this year it is celebrating the 75th anniversary of The Hobbit.

The Hobbit is a book I have read a few times over the years and one that I really enjoy going back to.  I think it is a mixture of the story which I love, and also the copy that I have which was my Mum’s.  I think that certain copies of certain books can hold so many memories that reading the story from a different copy isn’t quite the same.

I can’t read this book with the dust jacket on it anymore because it is falling to pieces, but the feel and smell of this book just make me feel quite comforted and safe – does that sound weird?

I just love the illustrations in this edition which Tolkien did himself – I don’t think you can beat them.


I do love Alan Lee’s illustrations too, and I have The Fellowship of the Ring in an edition with his colour plates included, but my favourite edition of The Lord of the Rings has to be my original battered copy (again falling to pieces – there is just something about it that I love)

I think that you can attach a lot more to books than simply the stories inside them.  I will always go back to Tolkien for reasons that I am not too sure of if I am honest – and these books will always move house with me, go wherever I go and stay in my collection even when they are falling apart almost too much to read again. 

And to celebrate Tolkien Reading Day 2012 I think I will settle down and read a few pages of one of my favourite books. 

I love the fact that favourite reads don’t neccessarily demand that you read them completely – sometimes if I am in need of comfort, a couple of pages of The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings, a Harry Potter or Jane Eyre will see me right.


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