I have been trying out some new things with my photography over the last few weeks in an attempt to get better at it all round.  The mini day from the last post was one of those times, but more to do with the editing side of things that anything particularly new with the photographs themselves.

I have always really liked flower photography, and when it is done well it can be some of the simplest and most effective photography going I think.

I always like Jane Brocket’s blog, and lately she has been taking photos of all different kinds of tulips http://yarnstorm.blogs.com/ which are really pretty and have the most amazing colours.

I also like simpler takes on flowers like the ones on Brett Gardner’s fine art photography site http://brettgardnerphotography.co.uk/gallery_466655.html 

Here are a couple of my first attempts at flower photography – I don’t think they are all that bad actually…

I like the effects on the purple one the best, but I think the red tulip is a better photo technically.  Anyway, for a first go, I don’t think they are too shabby at all. 🙂


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