Magazines and Tea

I think there are few things more relaxing than snuggling up with a good magazine and a hot cup of tea. Sometimes a book is just a bit too much to handle and a magazine can be just what you need. They can provide you with inspiration, the chance to read an interesting article or just the opportunity to look at beautiful photography or artwork.

Favourites of mine at the moment are Mollie Makes and The Simple Things (not to mention Oh Comely, Frankie, Pretty Nostalgic, Photography Monthly and the occasional running magazine – I must stress occasionally here as I have been super lazy lately!). They are always guaranteed to cheer me up and inspire me to make something or try something new.

Simple things cover

Mollie makes cover

Who can fail to be cheered by a magazine with features like these?

Inside simple things1

Inside Mollie makes

inside Simple things2

I mean My Day in Cups of Tea? 🙂

A recent discovery for me has been Flow magazine. This started life as a Dutch publication, but it is now available in its international (English language) guise.

Flow cover

Dubbed a magazine for paper lovers, it features lots of different types of paper within its covers, so even flicking through and running your fingers over the pages is a joy.

Features on mindfulness, crafts, art and cooking (and even free bunting in the latest issue) have certainly brought a smile to my face at least. And I am sure there would be something to interest anyone in there.

Inside flow1

Inside flow2

Inside flow3

Couple a good read with a cuppa and surely you’re on to a winner!

Three Magazine

So that’s my weekend sorted – what’s on the horizon for you?


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