Just a short post from me today about the joy of a good library.

I never thought that moving away from a city to a small seaside town would actually mean a better library for me to use, but it has worked out that way.  I have always wanted to use the library more, but the city library I was using had books in such poor condition (with food, mysterious stains and goodness knows what else lurking between the pages) that I had always been a little squeamish about taking the books home – especially as I like to read in bed, and I do not want anyone else’s old food in there – bleurgh!

So imagine my surprise and delight when I popped in to join the local library and found a good selection of books, all in nice condition (even some brand new ones – I love finding brand new library books!) waiting for someone to take them home to read.  I wonder actually if this means that people aren’t using the library so the books are not being read, or if this county just has its head screwed on when it comes to important services like this.  I like to think it is the latter.

In any case, I am looking forward to diving into this little lot very soon with a cup of tea and a blanket – is it me or has winter appeared suddenly over night?


Happy Reading!

Organdie. x

P.S The titles I got if you are interested and can’t quite read them are;

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Truman Capote
Anderby Wold Winifred Holtby
The Queen and I Sue Townsend
The Dog Kerstin Ekman
The Shadow of Death James Runce


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