First Film

I have been experimenting with film recently, having been given a Pentax P30n by my dad.  (It has started a mini obsession with film cameras, but more of that later.)  I sent off my very first film the other day, and found it so exciting waiting to see the results.  I had no idea if any of them would be any good as I had never used a film SLR before (some of them were really poor, but the majority were surprisingly ok!) so I waited with baited breath for the postman to finally arrive – why do things always take forever to arrive when you are really looking forward to them?!

I thought I would share a couple of the images that I got back, think I am falling in love with film quite rapidly actually.






I think this last one is my favourite.  I like how film has that distinctive look to it – sort of fuzzy, dreamy and nostalgic all at once, and not any the worse for it in my eyes.

I also love how you can forget what was taken at the beginning of the roll by the time you get your images back from the printers.  All adds to the excitement!

I am thinking (as I am growing a little collection of film cameras courtesy of eBay and car boot sales – all round the £2 mark) of doing a year of film project starting next year.  I am thinking one film camera per month for the year with some of the nicer images posted on here during the year.  This idea was found here at Spadge’s blog if you want to look at her results too –

Could be a nice little challenge for 2014…

Organdie. x


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