Vintage Cameras – Unusual Uses!

So I had a bit of a quiet Monday on my hands and thought it would be really fun to try a new project – using an old Seagull camera my dad unearthed from somewhere.

One of my favourite photography books of recent times is


Photocrafty by Sue Venables (you can see her website here – – brilliant stuff!)  And one project that caught my eye when I was reading it last night was this one:




So I got to work and made a great mess cutting out a cardboard tube the right size for the cameras I was using – you need to find the minimum focus distance of your DSLR and add the measurement to the height of the old vintage camera you have.  Turns out I may have got this measurement a little wrong, or the vintage camera is not focusing particularly well as the images I got were slightly on the blurry side (not just because they were taken through an old camera either I fear…)

It was great fun though and something I would be keen to try again sometime – be warned, you do look like a loon walking around with an old camera covered in cardboard and gaffer tape with a modern DSLR jammed in the top!

Here are some of the images I got this morning;






As Miranda’s mum would say – “Such Fun!”

Organdie. x


4 thoughts on “Vintage Cameras – Unusual Uses!

  1. Hello,

    Thanks for the shout out! I’m glad you enjoyed this project, it’s one of my favourites too.

    What are you up to next? I look forward to seeing more. Keep up the great work!


    • Hello! There are so many different ideas in the book that I am wanting to try – The bubble project might be next up, if I can find a bubble…!
      Thank you so much for popping by to comment – how exciting!

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