Flowers for Friday – Tulips

Vintage purple tulip

The tulip’s origins are in the Middle East in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.  Ambassadors of the Roman Empire brought the Tulip to Vienna in the sixteenth century, and from there they spread to the rest of Europe.  John Chardin brought the Tulip to light with regards the language of flowers as the bloom by which a lover makes his passion known to his mistress.

Tulips of different colours can be chosen to convey different meanings;

Red – Declaration of true love “Believe me”

White – Heaven or purity

Purple – Royalty

Violet – Modesty,

Pink – Perfect happiness or best wishes “I care about you”

Yellow – Friendship “There’s sunshine in your smile”

Orange – Desire or passion

Variegated – “You have beautiful eyes”

There is a Turkish legend behind the meaning of the red tulip;

Prince Farhad was in love with Shirin.  When he found out that Shirin had been murdered, he was so overcome with grief that he rode his horse off a cliff.  From each drop of his blood to touch the earth sprang a red tulip.

Red Tulip

Organdie. x


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