Flower for Friday – Roses


The rose has been the emblem for love since the birth of Venus (accompanied by white roses).  The trusty Victorians went to town on the symbolism and sentiment of the rose, the stronger the colour, the deeper the affection;

White – A heart unacquainted with love

Pink – Grace

Pale Peach – Modesty

Burgundy –  Unconscious beauty

Moss – Confession of Love

Red – Love

Purple – Enchantment

Orange – Fascination

Yellow – Infidelity

Yellow interestingly was hardly ever considered a good colour when it came to the language of flowers – such a shame, look at all the lovely yellow blooms you can find – which is why it came to mean infidelity when associated with roses.

With roses it is also important to consider the stage of flowering when sending them to a beau.  Rose buds mean something different to full blooms – this mirrors the stages of growth from a young girl to woman.

In Christian lore, a rose bush grew at the site of Christ’s death, and in Tarot a rose represents new beginnings and hope.

Plus they are quite pretty really aren’t they?

Organdie. x


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