Book Friends – Jane Eyre


Here is another of my absolute favourite book friends for you to meet.  Step up Jane Eyre.


I first read this book when I was 16 (nearly 14 years ago – Shhh!) and on holiday with friends in Majorca.  I remember getting teased about my reading choice – I mean who takes a classic on the beach?!  Um….

I remember being completely taken with the book and taking complete refuge in its pages while my friends went swimming (something I cannot do) and sunned themselves on the beach (which is not advisable for me – I go red instantly!)

Perhaps the story is so well known with all the adaptations around (I have the new – ish – film to watch soon – thanks BBC iPlayer) that people feel that they don’t need to read the original.  I don’t know – I loved it and it lead me on to read other Bronte sister novels (another favourite is The Tenant of Wildfell Hall).  I have to say that one big plus for having an ereader is the huge amount of free classics available to download instantly – but that may be another story (argument perhaps!) for a different time.

Heart Page

My battered copy is sellotaped together, scribbled in and has vague water damage, but I love it and wouldn’t want another paper copy now.  It is a favourite I can go to if I am feeling a bit down, or off colour.  I don’t always need to read the whole book – sometimes just a chapter is enough – it doesn’t even matter which ones sometimes.  I love books which have the ability to do that.

I hope you have some books in your life like that too – I’d love to know which ones they might be.

Organdie. x


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