Film for February 2014

Here we are back again for another month and another camera.  This time it is the turn of the Ilford Sportsman;

Ilford Sportsman1

Ilford Sportsman2

The Ilford Sportsman cameras in various guises were in production from 1957 – 1967, with the Sportsman 4 arriving in 1960.

I used AGFA vista 200 film again this month, and I am glad I did really as the Sportsman had ‘issues’, shall we say, halfway through the film.  After a lot of crunching noises and a completely stuck wind on lever, I wasn’t holding out much hope for any results, especially when the film came back with the work “ruptured” written on it!

But luckily the little camera managed to get me some pictures (and also appears to have unstuck itself too – pesky little thing!), so here are a few of my favourites from this month.






See you in March for another film adventure!

Organdie. x


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