The Year in Books : : March

I am slightly late to Laura’s party over on her blog Circle of Pine Trees, but better late than never right?

The idea of the project is to read a book a month for the year.  Sometimes it is tricky to find the time to just sit and read for a while – I always feel like I should be doing something more productive (what is that all about?) so this project is a way of letting yourself know that it is OK to treat yourself to a little bit of downtime and relax with a book.  There are no rules as to what type of book you should be reading, but the idea is to let people know on your blog what you are planning to read in the coming month and perhaps to let others know if the book you read in the last month was worth reading (there is a space to link up with other people and their booky blog posts on this page).

February seemed to pass me by quite quickly for some reason, I hardly felt I had time for anything much.  I chose my February book – The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare – because I was feeling a little nostalgic for my time as a Children’s bookseller and fancied reading some Young Adult fiction.

February Read

So far so good, right up to actually reading the book…

It started off fine and dandy, and then all of a sudden revealed itself to be a complete Harry Potter rip off (not well done).  I have to admit to partially skimming the latter parts of the book, just to see how it panned out and almost to get it done with – not quite what I had in mind when I spotted the project!

Perhaps my choice for March will prove a little more satisfying;

March Options

Bit of a change for my March choices perhaps – verging on the Woo Woo as Susannah Conway might put it – but perhaps necessary after a somewhat disastrous foray back to YA fiction…

We will see!

Are you reading anything good at the moment?

Organdie. x

[Just a little disclaimer – if you click through from my sidebar onto Amazon and purchase the books via this link, I will get a very small percentage of the sale price – just so you know :)]


7 thoughts on “The Year in Books : : March

  1. Ooh, thanks for letting us know about it! I think I’m going to have to take part. My friends and I have set up a book club anyway so a great excuse to share them with even more people x

    • It is a fab idea – I’ll look forward to reading up on your reading if that makes sense! I wish there was a book club near me – until I find one, I am excited to join in on projects like this one. x

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