Folksy Friday – Blackbirds

Good Morning everyone – Happy Friday to you all!

Here goes with another Folksy Friday post!  I have chosen Blackbirds as my theme this week – I have been spending a lot of time listening to the birds in my garden and the blackbirds are very prominent!

I love to sit,watch and listen to the birds in the garden, the trees, wheeling overhead singing and calling to each other.   I hope that you can listen to some birdsong during your day today – until then, here are some little chaps to brighten up your Friday.

Reclaimed Wooden BirdReclaimed Wooden Bird – Skiprat Creations

Dipping BirdDipping Bird – Knit 1 Purl 1 Print 2

Blackbird's Nest

Blackbird’s Nest – BearPrintDesign

Blackbird PictureBlackbird Picture – Lollipop Tree Designs

Blackbird FamilyBlackbird Family – Debbie Todd Studio

Tweet Tweet!

Organdie. x


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