Beautiful Creatures :: The Year in Books

EEEK! Mini book review time – something I have not done before (why do these things always seem so scary?!).

Beautiful Creatures – Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl

Beautiful Creatures

I thought I would give Beautiful Creatures a little review because I found it quite unusual (for a seemingly ‘run of the mill’ paranormal Young Adult romance book).  I thought it was interesting to have a paranormal romance book narrated by a male protagonist instead of the usual female perspective you tend to get with these books.

I suppose the premise of the book is fairly standard – a mortal and paranormal love story – but the writing style and humour made this book a cut above your average Twilight.  The town of Gatlin in South Carolina has seemingly not changed for decades and decades, the same families have lived there forever and everyone knows everyone.  Ethan (our narrator) starts to have dreams – very realistic dreams – about a girl, a girl he has not met and does not know the first thing about;


  I was free falling, tumbling through the air.

  She called to me, and just the sound of her voice made my heart race.

  “Help me!”

  She was falling, too.  I stretched out my arm, trying to catch her.  I reached out, but all I caught was air.  There was no ground beneath my feet, and I was clawing at mud.  We touched fingertips and I saw green sparks in the darkness.

  Then she slipped through my fingers, and all I could feel was loss.

  Lemons and rosemary.  I could smell her, even then.

  But I couldn’t catch her.

  And I couldn’t live without her. 

I don’t want to go into too much detail for fear of spoiling the book for other people, but I enjoyed it enough to add the other three books in the series to my reading list straight away.

Another interesting thing for me was how readable a novel co-written by two people could be.  I don’t think I’ve ever read one before and I think I have always assumed they might not flow as well as other novels because of the possibility of the two voices conflicting with each other.  I was glad to have been proved wrong on this score!

So if you like an occasional Twilight-y kind of read, but one that is so much better than Twilight in my opinion, then I would say you could do worse than to give Beautiful Creatures a go.

Organdie. x

(PS – Just so you know, if you click on the books on the sidebar and go on to make a purchase after that click, I will get a small percentage of the sale value 🙂  )


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