Film for March 2014

So another month is over – can you believe it?

The camera I chose for March  was a bit of a beast – the Zenit TTL.

1 (1)


This camera is bulky, heavy, has sharp corners, a lens that is slightly broken (meaning you have to remember to slide the aperture ring round to the correct aperture twice – bit hard to explain) and no batteries – so no light meter – and I absolutely LOVE it!

Because I couldn’t find the right batteries for this beauty, I was stuck without a light meter.  The Zenit is a fully manual camera however, so I got around this issue by using the Sunny 16 rule – this basically means that you keep your shutter speed at the same – or near to – your film speed and select an aperture based on the sun and conditions (more information on that here).  I was actually really pleased with the results I got using that rule – it is one that I would be happy to use it again.

So without further ado – here are a few of my favourite photographs from March for you to look at;







See you again for more adventures in film in April!

Organdie. x

PS This year 12th April is Film Photography day – so if you’re feeling inspired to try out film (for the first time or again) then why not see what things you might be able to join in with?


3 thoughts on “Film for March 2014

  1. I have fond memories of the Zenit – it’s the camera I used in my photography GCSE a *few* years ago now 😉 Great photographs, I love the light effects!

    • Thank you! I really enjoyed using it – and I’ll look forward to using it again soon. I’d have loved to have studied photography, but it was never an option at the school I went to. Maybe one day I’ll go back!

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