The Year in Books :: April

Beautiful Creatures

So another month is over!  Can’t believe how quickly March went by.  I read a couple of books last month for The Year in Books project, including Beautiful Creatures (you can read my ramblings about that one here).

I also managed to squeeze in The Son by Jo Nesbo.

March 27 - New Reading

This was read as part of Simon Mayo’s Drive Time Book Club which will be reviewed on his show next Monday (7th April) if you are interested in listening in.  Who know, maybe my thoughts on the book will be on the radio!

This wasn’t really my usual type of read, and it was grim and gruesome in parts (lots of parts), but I was drawn straight in to the story and just had to know what happened to the characters at the end.  With it being a thriller, there isn’t an awful lot I can say about this one without spoiling parts of the story, so I will just say that if you don’t mind violence and a bit of gory detail in your books, then this might be one to check out.  Gripping.

So my March reads did not bear any resemblance to the little pile of books I picked out at the end of February, but I enjoyed them both just the same.

As for April, I have already started to read Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans – something slightly lighter after The Son – and I am very much enjoying it so far. It has started off a list of books to check out, as the main character is a bookworm looking for a job in publishing, so there are lots of book titles scattered throughout the novel.  Thoughts to follow once I have finished.

Have you read anything good this month?

Organdie. x


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