Saltmarsh and Samphire

Beach huts

Well, it has been a little while in progress, but our new website – –  has gone live!

Saltmarsh and Samphire are now offering Landscape Photography courses on the beautiful North Norfolk Coast, with our first session kicking off in June this year.  This is a really exciting time for us, all new and shiny and a tiny bit daunting too if I am honest.  But I do think that we can offer something quite special to anyone who would like to join us for a course, Norfolk is a lovely part of the world to spend some time and we think it is particularly photogenic!

I am also in the process of writing an online photography course covering everyday photography and finding the beautiful in the things you see in day to day life – is this something that appeals to people?  I have done Susannah Conway’s course Photo Meditations and am just starting Tammy Strobel’s Everyday Magic this week and I have been inspired to try my hand at writing my own course.

I would love to know what you think of the website, and of the idea of online courses too.

Have a great week everyone!

Organdie. x


9 thoughts on “Saltmarsh and Samphire

  1. Grace says:

    Emma, I would be interested in an online course. I love the look of your new site and agree that the image of the beach site huts is amazing!

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