Film for April 2014

April was fun!  I chose to use my Diana Mini camera this time around – always like to mix things up a little bit!

March 2 - Diana Mini

This is a basic camera with a ‘sunny’ and ‘cloudy’ aperture switch and kind of minimal control over anything much – but I think that is why I love her (that, and the fact that it weighs almost nothing, so you can take her anywhere).

I used the Diana Mini in the square frame format for April (just because I was on a bit of a deadline to get the pictures back in time) meaning I got round about 36 pictures back from my roll of film.  Next time I use her, I will switch to the rectangular format, which means 72 whole pictures from one roll of film – how ace is that?!

This little beauty will be my only new film camera – the rest look set to be eBay or car boot sale second hand purchases – and it was quite nice to use something that only I had used before.

Have a little look at the kind of things I was looking at in April;






Hope you have had a good month – I wonder what May will bring?

Organdie. x


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