The Year in Books :: May

April has been and gone – and look, May is nearly half way through!  Ooops!

I managed to squeeze in 2 books in April, both of them fairly light and fluffy, but ultimately good fun.   My head has been almost full of business related things – I am setting up my first online course (hopefully to be launched in July – keep your eyes open for more details soon!) and continuing on with the landscape courses – so there was not an awful lot of room for deep reading!

Happily Ever After by Harriet Evans follows Eleanor Bee through ten years of her life, getting her first job in the publishing industry and her romantic endeavors.  This was good, sweet fun ,well written and being a book about bookish things, it gave me another list of books to check out later on – always a good thing!

The Midnight Rose by Lucinda Riley was another easier read.  This one follows Anahita and weaves between India in the early 1900’s and England on the brink of World War 1.  There is also a modern storyline intertwining with the events of the past concentrating on American actress Rebecca who is filming a period drama in England.   I find these kind of dual time frame novels quite compelling and easy to read, and this one is very much in the vein of Kate Morton but not quite as well written in my opinion (I found myself squirming at some of the dialogue – people just don’t speak like that!).

So what is on the horizon for what is left of this month?

May photography books

A lot of photography related reading – goes without saying at the moment – along with some fantasy to give myself a break from it all!

Game of Thrones - May

I started Game of Thrones a few days back (and promptly got completely lost trying to remember all the characters – there are sooooo many…), so I am going to try and start that again and try and pay attention to it this time!



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