Musings for Monday – Our Online Course Progress

May photography books

I have been really busy over the last few weeks getting my first online course ready to share with you.

Writing this course has been so much fun – I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed sitting down and simply writing.  It took me back to my days at University actually, cosied up at my desk and scribbling away.

As I producing this course with Brett over on our Saltmarsh and Samphire website, I also had the added excitement of sending him my words and having him choose come images to go with them from our joint pool of photographs.  It was so lovely to get my words back brought to life with images – exciting too, as I had no idea which ones he would pick out!

We still have a way to go before our little baby is ready to come out and play – we have to edit and fine tune and produce out PDF coursebook – but it feels so amazing to have reached this point!  I just had to share it with you.

May 19th - e-course planning

We are hoping to launch our first session over the summer this year.  I am almost brimming over with excitement!

Organdie. x

PS – you can see details for the online course as they arrive on our photography course website 🙂


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