Fuji X100

Phew – another Friday rolls in, it is nearly the weekend!

I have another camera to introduce you to this week – my little Fuji X100, AKA Norm.

Front Small

Norm is my tiny friend when it comes to wanderings around town – you would hardly notice he was there he is so light and small.  He is absolutely brilliant when it comes to taking sneaky photographs as the leaf shutter makes next to no noise.

Norm looks like a retro beauty in his styling – all rangefinder-y and gorgeous – and I was pretty much in love from the moment I got him out of his box in 2013.  All the old fashioned dials on the top appeal to me, he looks like a film camera more than a fancy digital one and he has had a lot of admiration and interest from people in the street when we go out and about.

Top Small

Norm is my go to camera when I am just off out for a wander around town – discreet and easy to get good results once you know the quirks of the camera (he does tend to underexpose a little bit).  The only thing that is a shame sometimes is the fact that there are no interchangeable lenses for him, so you are stuck with a 23mm (35mm on the crop sensor), but this is still a very usable lens and it is only rarely that you miss an additional lens really.

Ah Norm – lovely little thing!

Organdie. x


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