Fuji XE-1

Another Friday – Friday the 13th no less.  Don’t worry if you are scared of such things – it is the only one this year! Phew!

This wonderful Friday I thought I would show you the last of my digital cameras – my Fuji XE-1, AKA Francis.  (He is called Francis because his red case reminded me of a ladybird and there is a ladybird in A Bug’s Life called Francis.  Don’t even begin to imagine what goes through my mind on a daily basis…)


This little camera works brilliantly well alongside Norm the Fuji X100 – with the added advantage of interchangeable lenses.  This has been great – even the kit lens that came with the camera is pretty good – not overly fast, but very useful for everyday wanderings.

Francis makes a lovely noise when he takes pictures – not silent like Norm – but still fairly stealthy so you can take photographs without disturbing everyone around you with huge shutter clangs.

Front small

I treated myself to a wrist strap for the Fuji cameras too, which makes taking them out so much easier.  I hardly ever use the neck strap as it is meant to be used, and instead opt to tie it a couple of times around my wrist – so to have a proper strap for this is ace.

Top small

Francis has lovely retro details too – look at all those wonderful dials on the top – mmmmm.  And he even sports a tiny pop up flash which packs quite a punch (and not always in a dazzling overpowering way either, Fuji have done something magic with their flashes – Norm’s is pretty good too).

Lenses small

The little 27mm pancake lens which came as part of the bundle I bought is pretty epic too.  It works out at a 41mm when used with the crop sensor so it actually quite a useful lens to use – and it makes the camera even smaller and more portable that it is when paired with the zoom lens.

All in all I LOVE Fuji cameras – they are small, retro and perform amazingly well for something of their size.  I don’t think I would ever want to buy a camera bigger than the D90 – just too big for everyday use.

Next on my list?  A Fuji Instax Mini 90 – Yes please! 🙂

Organdie. x


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