My Photography Course

Hello – Happy Friday again!

I feel like my life is a bit of a blur at the moment, I am sorting out the course, prepping for exhibitions and even booking my very first wedding (I have helped out at weddings with Brett, but this one is the first I have booked as a ‘proper’ wedding photographer – with responsibilities and everything.  Equally over the moon excited and petrified!).

My online course at Saltmarsh and Samphire is really taking shape now, I am so pleased with it and I cannot wait for the big reveal!  It shouldn’t be too long now (excited squeal!)

June Books

I have been reading up on business books like there is no tomorrow to get ideas of what I should be doing for the launch of a new product.  And while they are full of great ideas and words of wisdom, I am a bit business-ed out at the moment.  I have found myself retreating to my well loved, well read books (step forward Harry Potter – AGAIN?!) which always signals to me that I might be a tiny bit burned out.  So I am taking it easy on the business side of things (well, I am still working my socks off during the day, but I am allowing myself to do whatever I want in the evenings so I feel a little more balanced) and trusting that things will go as they are meant to for the time being.

I spent a lovely evening down on the beach last Friday with Brett, and it was great to get out with the cameras and enjoy a peaceful few hours not worrying about whether such and such had been done, or how many people might have checked into the blog.  Blissful once in a while to really switch off and enjoy the things that are going on around you – something that I don’t tend to do nearly as often as I perhaps should.

20th June - Beach

So folks, I am still working away to get my lovely little course out to you, but also treating myself to some (hopefully) well deserved me time too.

What have you been up to over the past few days?

Organdie. x


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