Film for June 2014

I have wanted an Olympus Trip 35 for ages, so when I found this little one on eBay I was so excited to bid and win.

The Olympus Trip 35’s were produced from 1967 – 1984 (when I was born!).



This was a simple camera to use – but the lack of controls did mean that some of the photos did not turn out quite how I had hoped.  It has an aperture range of 2.8-22 which was very usable, but the focusing used symbols of mountains and people so it was a case of guessing where to put the focus ring and hope for the best!  Still it was a nice little camera to carry around and point and shoot with.  And some of the photos turned out alright, so here are some of my favourites from June;





Vipers Bugloss



I hope you have seen some great things in June – I wonder what we will see in July?

Organdie. x


4 thoughts on “Film for June 2014

    • Thank you Sonya. I was pleased with these photos despite the slight issues with the camera – it is definitely one I will look forward to using again, keeping firmly in mind the focusing!

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