The Year in Books :: July

Blimey June zipped by (can you sense a theme?  Time is passing me by way to quickly these days!)

I only read one book in June – The Right Brain Business Plan by Jennifer Lee

2nd June - Right Brain Business Plan

This was a really interesting read for me.  I have always been pretty turned off by the traditional business plan, and even though numbers and business-y things like that don’t scare me in the way the Jennifer Lee would presume, I have never mustered the energy to really sit down and write a business plan properly.  Bad?  Probably, but there we go.

This book takes a completely new approach to visualising your business and the steps you need to take to achieve your goals etc.  I came out of it with a Big Vision Collage, and a notebook full of information, figures and plans.  While this is not going to cut it if I need to go to the bank for a loan, it is a fun and creative way for me to know whereabouts I am heading with Saltmarsh and Samphire.

4th June - Big Vision Collage

On to July.  Reading material hasn’t really crossed my mind for July yet, I seem to be dipping in (but not reading fully) a lot of photography books and magazines at the moment – perhaps it is all my little brain can cope with at the moment!  So July might be a funny month reading wise for me.  Having said that, my plans always change – so the next Year in Books post might see me writing about 3 books again – who knows!?

I hope you are reading something good at the moment too – do you have any recommendations?

Organdie. x


8 thoughts on “The Year in Books :: July

  1. Very excited to have found your blog through the ‘Year in books’ challenge. I am reasonably local to you and saving for a DSLR camera – will be keeping an eye on your complete beginner courses 🙂

    • Hi Petra – Great news! I am so glad you found me 🙂 I am hoping to launch the course very soon – I would love to have you join us 🙂 What camera do you have in mind?

      • Yes, great little camera. I use Nikons too, I love them. When you are confident, getting off the auto settings will make a huge difference to your photography, opening up a huge world of creativity! I hope you manage to get your camera soon – I’d love to help with you branching out into photography, it is such fun! 🙂

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