New Photograph of Me!

I am usually far too shy to like being in front of the camera very often.  Brett often wants to practice taking portraits, so I am often roped in – but I cannot say that I enjoy it at all!

On this occasion however I needed a head shot for a magazine article which is coming up in September (with Pretty Nostalgic – if you don’t know this magazine, please go and check them out, it is a wonderful publication), so I had no choice!

I knew exactly the kind of photograph I wanted and explained my ideas to Brett, and because he is a bit fab the result was pretty damn good (if I do say so myself!)  I think the reason that I didn’t mind this photo as much as some of the others was the fact that I didn’t need to look at the camera, and therefore didn’t feel the need to smile (and do my ‘camera face’).  Much less pressure = happy Emma.


Are any of you camera shy too?

Organdie. x


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