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Hello – just quick post today before I have a little bit of time off.  I am heading off to Lincolnshire soon to spend some time with Brett’s family and to celebrate his birthday – love a birthday, other people’s even more than mine – and I am hoping to be able to get out with my camera and explore a little bit.

Do you ever find that sometimes staying in the same place can seem a little bit boring?  I know that  struggle sometimes with finding inspiration in the everyday, but I have decided to embrace it, love it and try to find something beautiful in my everyday life.  I know you can too – and if you are wanting to take your photography to the next level, I would love to try and help you with my new course.

I don’t want this post to be all sales and pushy because that is not who I am at all – but I just thought I would mention the course (might be a little bit silly not to really!)

I wonder if it might also be time to add a new photography challenge to my expanding list.  I am loving the photo a day project – it is a great one to focus the mind, you really do have to look hard sometimes to find that picture – and I am so in love with the 12 months of film project.  Perhaps I could start a little day in the life series – maybe once a week or month – to really look for the beautiful moments that DO happen everyday and often go unnoticed.

Hmmm, things to think about!


I hope you have lots of things to inspire you in your life – and if you would like to join me on the course – pop over here!

Organdie. x


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