Film for August 2014

Oh my!  How much fun was my August camera?!

Even though I only had 8 shots to use, I enjoyed taking this camera out and about with me looking for things to shoot.

The Polaroid Sun 600 was introduced in 1983 and it was amazing fun!  I love how the top lifts up, it feels reassuringly clunky, and don’t even get me started on the amazing swooshy clicky sounds that emanate from this beast of a camera when you press the shutter button. (It is not one for stealthy shooting….)




So this month I can proudly share all 8 (!) of my photographs – even those which didn’t work as well as the others.  I found that some were too dark and some far too light, and actually trying to adjust this using the exposure slider on the front of the camera didn’t seem to work so well.  I am not sure if this is just on my camera and it is faulty, or if this is a trait of the camera in general.  And in one I got a little excited and got too close to my subject ( the camera has a fixed minimal focal length of around 4 feet).  In any case, I kind of liked waiting the half hour for the film to develop and seeing what the results were.  And the results, whether dark or light, were so dreamy and yummy that it was so worth the wait (I couldn’t help peeking at them all during the half and hour – shhhh)!









Oh those little squares!  Now where is my wallet – must buy more film!!

Organdie. x


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