Film Swapping #1

I recently contacted the lovely Helen Briggs on her blog (you can see her brilliant photography over here) as she was asking for people to take part in a film swap project.  The idea is you both shoot a roll of film, rewind it almost to the end (so the leader part of the film is still poking out) and post it to the other person.  Then you shoot the swapped film again so you get some double exposures.  Some of the photo results were quite subtle – sometimes it was a little bit tricky to see which part of the photo belonged to who and sometimes you couldn’t really see the second image – but some of them were brilliant!

So I thought I would share the results with you here over the next few weeks.  I love photography projects which result in something a little out of the ordinary!

So here are a few of the images for you to look at today, and I will be back with more soon!

Swap 1

Swap 2

Swap 3

Swap 4

Swap 5

Swap 6

Swap 7

Anyone else fancy a film swap?

Organdie. x





4 thoughts on “Film Swapping #1

  1. I just dug out my hubbie’s old (very) Olympus Infinity Zoom 200 but it does not have manual shooting, only auto. Not sure whether I’d enjoy using it but… might be a good one for getting back onto using film!

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