Film for September 2014

September saw me pick up an SLR which makes a huge change from the Polaroid of last month!




The Nikon EM is a little gem, and I have my very own thanks to Brett (you can see his adventures with the camera on his blog here), and I really enjoyed using it.

The Nikon EM was produced from 1979 – 1982, and oddly it was produced and marketed for the growing number of women photographers of the time.  So perhaps it is the perfect camera for me!

This little camera is not fully manual, but is very user friendly, and as I tend to shoot in aperture priority for the most part it suited me just fine.

Here are a few of my favourites from September for you to have a little look at.








I am fast running out of months for this project – I think I will miss it a lot when it is done and dusted.  I will certainly be carrying on taking film photos even if I don’t use quite so many cameras!

Organdie. x


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