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This is a new resolution for me (I say new, I kind of make the same kind of resolution every year, but now I MEAN IT!).  I am going to read every single paper book I own before I buy new books.  This may sound extreme – and I think it is, will I actually be able to do this?! – and I have already found a little way to cheat (more on that later).  My details have come off Amazon – no more buying!  I have been through my books and culled the ones that really didn’t appeal to me any more – some of these books had been on my shelf for years without being read which just seems daft to me.

So after that little cull, I still have far too many books on my TBR pile, plus a handful or two I would like to re-read and remember a little better, so I had better get cracking with some reading!

My self imposed rules:

1) I will only read from my own shelves from now on – until they are all read (or abandoned – more on that below).

2) I can borrow titles that I might need for research purposes from the library in this time – but not just books I fancy reading for the sake of it.

3) My little caveat/cheat (Yippee!) If I read a book that forms part of a series (I have a few books which are number one in different series) and it is so amazing that I cannot wait for the next installment I will allow myself to borrow or buy that ONE book (this is not an excuse for a book buying binge!).

4)  I am going to give myself a 50-80 page rule, if something really isn’t grabbing me by then I can put it to one side to try again later or simply give it away the first time around.  If it doesn’t appeal the second time, it definitely needs to find a new home.

I am aware that this is a non problem really, but I thought I would share it on here if only to remind myself that I have set this challenge and not to cheat on it – I have witnesses on here! I think that the ease with which I can buy books on a whim from Amazon is making me less of a reader and more of a shopper and I don’t like this in the slightest.

So there we go  – anyone else up for the challenge?

Organdie. x


2 thoughts on “My TBR Challenge

  1. I am not sure if I can do that….. we have the books of multiple generations in our house, some of which are just no my taste but not mine to give away. I have however started going to the library to avoid the shopper vs reader problemI . also shop at our local Oxfam bookshop, which is great. I only add books that I really really want to own to my Amazon wish list, for Birthday and Christmas presents.

    • I am not convinced I will be completely successful, but I am going to give it a go. I am in a reading slump at the moment, which is making it slightly easier for the time being! Libraries and charity shops certainly help the budget if not the tbr pile!

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