Film for October 2014

Oh dear – a late entry this month, it has been a little bit of a disaster!

I used my Kodak Colorsnap 35 during October and I have to say it let me down big time!  I have two little photos to show you as something seemed to go hugely wrong with the camera so most of them were duds.  And then to top it all off my lovely lab was super busy so my developing was delayed which is why the post is a little later than planned this month.



Here is the little camera – it looks all sweet until you try to use it!  I found the simplicity of the focussing an issue again – you seem to need to be miles away for anything to have a chance of being in focus, and even then it seems to be a little hit and miss.  The two photos I did get (kind of, there still seems to be some issue on them too) I am quite fond of, but if I am honest, this wasn’t a camera I particularly enjoyed using.  Which makes me feel sad.  So the Colorsnap might be relegated to the shelf as something to look at rather than a camera I would go back and use on a regular basis.



Let’s hope that November’s camera leaves me feeling a little more upbeat!  Bring it on!

Organdie. x


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