The Year in Books :: December

I still don’t seem to be fully recovered from my reading slump as yet, although I have read three books this month.  I wouldn’t say that any of them were particularly stand out for me, but I am completely attributing that to my lack of interest in reading in general and not on the books themselves.

I read Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult for the Radio 2 Bookclub, and got through it fairly quickly.  I can see that if I had been on top of my reading game, I would have really really enjoyed this.  As it was, I thought it was a decent read and one that did keep my attention in the end because of the multiple narrators and cliff hanger type chapter endings.

Leaving Time

I also dipped into The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell.  This was an easier read being non fiction, and also full of small chapters on different bookshops around the world.  I found it easier to read because it was easy to read one or two sections and put it down guilt free.  Some of the stories are charming and Jen’s style and enthusiasm is wonderful.

The Bookshop Book

The final book I read this month was The Winter of Enchantment by Victoria Walker.  This one was mentioned on Dove Grey Reader’s blog years ago, and it seemed like something that I would like.  Unfortunately when it came to it, this didn’t hold my attention at all despite being short and aimed at children.  I think I was trying to get in the mood for winter and Christmas and perhaps I was forcing the issue slightly, who knows.  I wish that it had worked for me though!  Perhaps my old faithfuls A Christmas Carol and Letters from Father Christmas will help me a little bit later next month.

The Winter of Enchatment

As for December….Well who knows really.  My reading slump is getting me down a little bit now if I am honest.  I would love to be able to switch off from business stuff and really settle down to read something lovely, and really get into it again.  Hopefully that will happen for me soon.  Perhaps an audiobook will work, something I can read along with like I used to do as a kid – Bing, turn the page!

I hope you all have something lovely to read this month – I’d love to know your choices!

Organdie. x


10 thoughts on “The Year in Books :: December

  1. I’ve recently got out of my reading slump by turning to children’s books – I completely lost all motivation to read the classics and the books chosen in my book groups, and I needed to rekindle my love of reading. I hadn’t finished a single book since September when I started reading Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder (by Jo Nesbø, better known for his Scandi Noir series about Harry Hole) last week. I’m already half-way into book number two in the series! I’ve also read Russell Brand’s retelling of The Pied Piper of Hamelin, which was totally unputdownable. So there’s a slight chance I might make it to 80 books this year after all! 😀

    • Wow – 80 books is a lot! 🙂

      Children’s books are something that I love, I used to be a Children’s Bookseller in a previous life, and I loved it!

      Yippee for Children’s books and reading again!


  2. I love Jodi Picoult’s books, and those cliffhanger chapter endings which mean I have to read ‘just a little bit more’ each time! Hope the reading slump improves soon for you, I know exactly what you mean!

  3. I never enjoyed Picoult’s books much but I haven’t read one for years and maybe I should have another go? I am re-reading old time favourites just now, mostly be Iain Banks. I am so looking forward to plenty or reading time over Christmas. x

    • I have only read this latest one and My Sister’s Keeper which I didn’t like much. I love rereading, but even that isn’t doing it for me just now. I will be reading A Christmas Carol and Letters from Father Christmas nearer to Christmas though, so I am looking forward to them. For now it is back to magazines!

  4. Good luck with the reading slump! I find it hard to get into books when I’m very busy, but sometimes it’s the material itself. Hope you find something soon!

    • It is tricky when you’re busy. This is definitely not helped if you have a duff book on the go too!

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a better reading year in 2015.

  5. Reading is such a personal thing isn’t it, it can be hard to find the right book. I do hope your slump does not linger for much longer and you find that book that gets you hooked.

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