Some Things I am Doing Right Now

I saw this idea on Pip’s lovely site Meet me at Mikes.  I thought it would be a fun thing to do every so often on here, I do write down these things in my journal from time to time and it is quite interesting to see what is catching your attention at a particular time and how things change.

Making: Decisions

Cooking: Simple things to eat

Drinking: Lots of water and camomile tea

Reading: Not a lot, which makes me sad

Wanting: To be able to concentrate on things a little bit more!

Looking: At inspirational photography

Playing: The Piano

Wasting: Time on youtube – shhh!

Sewing: Nothing – because I haven’t learnt how to yet.

Wishing: For a good New Year

Enjoying: Some time to myself before the Christmas rush

Waiting: For lots of things

Liking: Winter

Wondering: What will come next

Loving: The birds I can see from the window

Hoping: For a good 2015 for me and Saltmarsh and Samphire

Marvelling: Always

Needing: Not as much as I want

Smelling: Christmas candles

Wearing: Comfy things, because why not?

Following: Pinners, Tweeters, bloggers…

Noticing: The cold

Knowing: Not enough

Feeling: OK

Bookmarking: Too many unfinished books

Opening: More books and failing to finish them too!

Giggling:  Not nearly enough

What would your list look like?

Organdie. x


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