Film for December 2014

A little on the late side, but here are the results from my final month of film for 2014.

December was a little bit hectic so I knew that I probably wouldn’t get around to using a whole roll of film, or indeed get around to getting it developed, so I decided to keep my Fuji Instax Mini 90 for December and get the photos straight away – easy!

Instax 1

Instax 2

Instax 3

It was actually quite nice to use something new and shiny in the year of film – and the Instax is just brilliant fun.  You can take it anywhere – it doesn’t weigh anything much and is compact and slim – and just give it a go.  If I was more of a social butterfly, I am sure that this would have seen a lot of action at Christmas parties and the like in December.  As it was it was taken on a few walks and more gentle things like that, so the photos are more sedate!

Here are a few of my favourites;


Winter Wonderland

Trees again



Snow on the course


What fun!  Bring on the next opportunity for some more instant film photography!

Organdie. x



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