The Year in Film 2014 in Review

Well that went quite quickly didn’t it!

I really enjoyed my Year of Film project, and I am feeling a tiny bit lost without a film camera on me at all times now!  It is a different experience to be a bit freer with my photography – I am not doing any specific challenges this year as I have some other very exciting projects lined up (more on that next week) and I didn’t want the added pressure.

I thought I would do a small wrap up of the project as a whole, by choosing one of my favourite photographs from each month of film last year – I am excited to see what the little collection looks like all together!

So here we go;


January 2014.  The Tide Station – Pentax P30n


February 2014.  Lady Iris – Ilford Sportsman


March 2014.  Gulls – Zenit TTL


April 2014.  Gorse – Diana Mini


May 2014.  East Quay – Cosmic 35


June 2014.  Sunset – Olympus Trip 35

12th July - King's Lynn

July 2014.  King’s Lynn – Pentax ME Super


August 2014.  Japanese Anemones – Polaroid Sun 600


September 2014.  Steps – Nikon EM


October 2014.  Bench – Kodak Colorsnap 35


November 2014.  Reflections – Olympus OM10

Eerie branches

December 2014.  Branches – Fuji Instax Mini 90

So there we have it – a year in favourite film photographs.  I quite like them all together, brings back a few memories of the past year.  If you would like to see more of the photographs I took during the project, you can click on the individual months or visit the Year of Film page here.

I am keen to do more with film, so I am sure in the coming months I will devise a film project for 2016 despite all the other things I have to occupy myself!

Have you got any projects lined up for 2015?

Organdie. x


6 thoughts on “The Year in Film 2014 in Review

  1. Hi Emma,

    I’ve loved looking through your film review collection here, the photos have such a gorgeous mellow look to them. I still have a film in the Olympus, though only used a few exposures so far! It’s a start though 😉

    I’m taking a 6 weeks online photography course (Adventures in Seeing by Kim Manley Ort) and my project this year is a hands-on creative art project for 12 months – Mandala Magic from Julie Gibbons.

    Your Instax 90 Mini camera intrigues me, but I’m not sure if I’d find the size of the prints too small. I’m looking for something ‘instant’ to take on a family holiday to Venice later this year and thought this might be great for quick, on the spot shots of us to laugh over while we’re there! What’s your verdict? Better idea than a Polaroid?

  2. A start is good! Film is great fun, I always forget one or two shots that I’ve taken so getting the prints back is exciting! Thanks for your kind comment about my photos, it was nice to put together a small collection from the year.

    I would say the Instax will be a more reliable option than a polaroid (unless you have a guaranteed working model of course) as it is a new camera. It is a lot smaller too – unless you are lucky enough to have an sx-70 which folds up small (jealous here if that is the case!). The prints are small, but I kind of like them – they are credit card sized and perfect for keeping with you when you get a nice picture.

    You also get more shooting options on the Instax – double exposure, bulb mode and macro etc – which might come in handy too.

    The film is cheaper for the Instax (maybe around £16 for 20 shots compared to £16 for 8 shots (!) with the polaroids).

    Having said that, Polaroids are something special, so if you have one of those – go for it! Dreamy squares here you come!

    Let me know if you take some instant photos on your trip – it is so exciting pressing that button and seeing the images appear straight away! Analogue instant gratification!! Bliss!

    Your courses sound amazing – I am intrigued by mandalas, must look into them more!

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