Big News!

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I have been so excited about this for ages and it is finally all official and actually happening – Saltmarsh and Samphire has a shop!  A physical, real, tangible shop!

We have been hoping against hope that we might be able to get a little shop in Wells – next – the – Sea for a long long time, but have always been stopped in our tracks by the thought of the rent and the costs of keeping it going.  But this little shop (with some very very welcome help from our lovely families) is within our budget and we have gone for it.

We get the keys on 1st February and I actually don’t think I can wait that long!  We have been in to measure up for shelves and fittings, and I am itching to get painting and sorting everything out for our grand opening on 14th February – just in time for half term.

I am sure there will be posts about painting and sawing and drilling for you to look at soon, if you are interested in that sort of thing, and I get the feeling that I will be a bit of a shop bore for a good while at least – sorry about that in advance!

Along with our online courses and other bits and pieces, 2015 looks like being a very very special year.

I hope that 2015 brings you something special too – I’d love to hear about your projects and plans too.

Organdie. x


8 thoughts on “Big News!

  1. Congratulations on your new shop! I have been looking at your online course. Though I can’t afford it right now, it is something I would love to do in the future.

  2. Thanks Kim!

    We are so excited about the shop, and also continuing with the courses. We will be running them for a while, so you can join us when you can! ☺

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