What I am up to right now

Making: Lots of things for my new shop!

Cooking: Things with lots of veggies – I am trying to be good…

Drinking: Tea of various kinds, mainly camomile and honey (it’s yummy)

Reading: Some things, but still only in very short stints, I am hoping this will pass soon – it is driving me mad!

Wanting: My concentration back again – NO

Looking: Forward

Playing: With making things, funny how some things just work and others are a bit of a disaster first time around

Wasting: A bit of time, not as much as before now that I have a good thing to focus on!

Sewing: Still nothing – perhaps I will learn one day…

Wishing: For the shop to be here and ready already!  I am not good at waiting at all.

Enjoying: Planning and preparing

Waiting: For February 1st and getting the keys

Liking: Getting under my duvet to work in the evenings

Wondering: How much I will miss my duvet once the shop is open!

Loving: Yoga at the moment, so calming but at the same time very challenging.

Hoping: That we will make a great success of Saltmarsh and Samphire this year

Marvelling: Yep – always

Needing: A few clothes, not much.

Smelling: Handmade candles in my room

Wearing: Old comfy clothes, I am relishing them while I still can!

Following: Lots of pinners, bloggers and youtubers

Noticing: That my back hurts from carrying my cameras in a silly “pretty” bag

Knowing: Not enough

Feeling: Excited!

Bookmarking: Too much, I need to cut down on my media consumption, I never get round too all my bookmarks…

Opening: My mind to new possibilities

Giggling: More than normal – nervously?!

What have you been up to lately?

Organdie. x

(This idea was shamelessly stolen from Pip at Meet Me At Mikes)


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