The Year in Books :: February 2015

It’s that time again!  I am joining in with The Year in Books (year two!) with Laura from Circle of Pine Trees – you can find some more information about the project by visiting her gorgeous site here.

I am whispering this next sentence – *I think my reading mojo might be coming back* – shhhh! Don’t look directly at it in case it gets spooked and runs away again….
I am amazed looking back at my Goodreads record for the month of January -I have only gone and read 8 books!  How on earth did this happen!  Not that I am complaining, I am relishing the fact the I am enjoying dipping into books again.  And I have to say that 4 of the books were quick dip in books – I mainly read them for the lovely pictures, but I am still counting them as I did read the small number of words in the books too, promise!
I read:
This was a really interesting read about the history of Polaroid photography – I enjoyed this one despite the writing style not being my favourite, one I will go back to I am sure over the years.
I listened to this one read by Helen Macdonald via audible while I was busy making thing for the shop, and it was absolutely wonderful.  I have the hard copy too, so I will ‘read it read it’ at some point too to see if it is completely different in that format – I am sure it will be!  I was also thrilled to hear that Helen has won the Costa book prize for this book – brilliant!
This one was a slightly odd read – I am interested in learning more about Tarot, but I think I need to devote much more time to finding things out, I did find my mind wandering because I couldn’t quite match what I was reading in my mind to the practicalities of Tarot – I will return to this one when I have time to digest the information better.
This one was lovely to look at even if some of the ideas seemed a little half baked!  The photography in the book is gorgeous, and for that reason alone I will be looking at this one again and again.  There are a couple of ideas I will try out at some point too I am sure!
Next up are three wonderful wonderful books that I absolutely adored!




 These books!  Oh my god!  I love them!  Quirky bird illustrations, wonderful descriptions of the birds all add up to three charming reads.  I will be looking at these books for a long time to come – highly recommended!  And Matt Sewell has another book about Woodland birds – must get that one to complete my set soon!
Last up for January was a lovely funny honest book about running – this was in an attempt to get me back into a running mindset and to help get me out to running club once a week (and more on my own).  I think it sort of worked actually – running club has been fun in a hurting kind of way, so something might have stuck from this little book somewhere!
I am re-reading The Lord of the Rings for the umpteenth time.  I am not rushing this one so it might take me all year to get through but that’s OK!  I am enjoying journeying back to Middle Earth, I think it will always weirdly seem like a second home to me.  Does that make me sound completely loony?!  Ha!
I am also going to take part in a readalong happening on Youtube in February – I am going to try and read Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.  Sanderson has been on my reading horizon for a while now, and this seems like the perfect time to try his writing out to see if I like it.  If I do, then the readalong carries on all year, and I think takes in all of Sanderson’s writing.  Sounds good.  (There is a Goodreads group over here if you would like some more information)
I might leave my little list at that actually, as you know (and might be sick of hearing about!) my shop is opening soon and we are all in full swing getting things ready, so reading time might be a little thin on the ground over the next few weeks.  As little pressure surrounding one of things that I love to do sounds sensible!
What is on your reading horizon for this month?  Hope you have something good on the go, I’d love to hear what it s.
Organdie. x
PS – come and say hi on Goodreads if you are so inclined!

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