Media Detox – The Experiment!

I am in the mood to experiment!  So I have decided to see what a media detox will do for my creativity, concentration and general well-being.

6th - Forest

So for the next couple of weeks I am not going to use the internet – more specifically social media – this means

  • No Instagram
  • No Facebook
  • No Pinterest
  • No Youtube
  • No mindless internet browsing
  • No reading or writing blog posts

I am going to need to use the internet for all things Saltmarsh and Samphire related, so I will still be using our business page on Facebook for The Art of Everyday Photography group interactions, and I will still need to keep up to date with work emails.  But I am going to be doing this in a much more structured way;

  • I will only use the internet for business purposes on my laptop – my little tablet will be having a rest for 2 weeks (my phone is only a phone, so no internet there)
  • I will be checking emails twice per day – once at 10am and once at 5pm (not having notification pings throughout the day seems wonderful to me)
  • I will be using Facebook in a similar way and not mindlessly checking if I have a spare five minutes
  • I am allowing myself to have access to my online banking if I need it too

Apart from that the internet is pretty much off limits.

I am really interested to see what this does do to my concentration levels – can I read again without the urge to reach for my tablet after 3 minutes?!  Will my creativity increase without the pull of the internet – will I reach for my camera or felt tips, go out, move and create more without comparing myself to others?!

I have a feeling that my general levels of anxiety, frustration and self doubt might decrease – who knows?  Constantly seeing other people’s “perfect internet styled” lives, what they have and what they do, can’t be great to compare your “normal” life to all the time.

I am going to keep some notes on my experiences, and I will aim to share them with you in a couple of weeks’ time (assuming I last that long!).

While I am away I am going to participate in Susannah Conway’s April Love project (although I won’t be sharing my photographs daily on the blog or Instagram as I had planned a couple of weeks ago) and I will show you some of the photos when I get back.


I am going to concentrate on Saltmarsh and Samphire, photography and dedicated me time (not time spend looking at other people’s lives and times).

I hope you all have a good couple of weeks while I’m away – see you on the 15th April!

Organdie. x



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