The Year in Books :: May 2015

It is book time again folks!  A little bit of a quite month in April for me – although I read 4 books, they all squidged up into the first part of the month somehow, the rest of the month was a little scanty on the book front.

Anyway, the books I did manage to read were;

A room full of bones

A Dying Fall

untitledI love this series – so I couldn’t help but binge read them!  I enjoyed all of them, and I am really fond of the characters.  Interesting plots too.  I al looking forward to the next in the series!

Dark MatterI also managed to read Dark Matter by Michelle Paver in April.  This was a little bit of an odd one for me, it was gripping enough to read quickly, but I didn’t think that an awful lot happened.  But I still enjoyed it, which is rare for me…

I am not sure what is on my reading horizon for May, but I am  part way through Tha ABC Murders by Agatha Christie at the moment, so I will be finishing that one for sure!

The ABC Murders


I am after some inspirational photography and art books at the moment to get me excited about being creative again – have you got any suggestions for me to add to my list?

What are you planning on reading in May?

Organdie. x

PS – As always this project was started by Laura over at Circle of Pine Trees – go and say hi, her blog is wonderfully lovely!  You can find more information about The Year in Books project by visiting the page on her blog here.




10 thoughts on “The Year in Books :: May 2015

  1. Reading the second Cormoran Strike detective novel at the moment – The Silk Worm – by Robert Galbraith (aka J K Rowling) and really enjoying it. Also, am gradually working my way through ‘The Practice of Contemplative Photography: Seeing the World with Fresh Eyes’ by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. It contains some stunning, inspirational images.

    • That photography book looks very interesting. I am going to see if my library has a copy as it is slightly out of my budget at the moment.

      Hope you continue enjoying The Silk Worm, I haven’t tried that series yet but I have heard good things.

      • Yes, it is a pricey photog’ book purchase. I’ve had my copy a while now but was really lucky to find a reduced offer on Amazon at the time.

  2. My lovely library has a copy, it will be winging its ways to me soon I am sure. I adore the library for getting expensive photography or coffee table books so I can at least see if they would be worth the money to me (sometimes I am bitterly disappointed by what I think are going to be amazing books!).

  3. I didn’t do too badly in April, I got through the first two of the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy books and have made a start on the third. I also finished Walden, which I’ve been dipping in and out of for over a year now – possibly longer. After that I read Walden on Wheels, and I also managed to finish Zen and the Beat Way – both books are great, but not really what it says on the tin (or rather on the dust jacket). I’ve also picked up The Goldfinch again, I’m 60 percent into it now, but every time I start to really like Theo Decker, Donna Tartt makes him change personality again… I started it in September last year but haven’t read anything between then and April – and now I’ve taken another break from it, although I would quite like to finish it some time soon! In May I think I’ll probably go back to Douglas Adams, I haven’t read anything of the Trilogy of Five in 3 weeks now. I also got Jo Nesbo’s latest book (in Norwegian) from my sister for my birthday – it’s just a short one, so I could probably read it in a day. Need to get round to that! My reading is really all over the place at the moment, but apart from the fact that I wish I was more structured, it doesn’t really bother me that much… Anyway, sorry about the long and somewhat waffling reply, but this is what happens when I get started on the topic of books and reading…! 😉

    • Wow, that’s a lot of books! I remember reading The Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy ages ago but then not continuing on with the series for some reason. Odd really as I enjoyed the first!

      Walden has been on my radar for a while now, perhaps I should take this as a sign to find myself a copy soon.

      I have only read The Son by Jo Nesbo, but enjoyed that too. Have been in a crime/thriller mood with my fiction lately, I think it might be because I don’t feel I need to concentrate on them too much to enjoy them. Perhaps that might be the wrong attitude to have. I don’t know…

      • I actually thought the second book in the Hitchhiker series was better than the first – more LOL moments for me! I love Jo Nesbo’s books, he grew up in the same town as me in Norway, but I don’t think The Son was his best one. The Harry Hole series is brilliant though, and if you enjoy being scared, The Snowman was the best/worst one (depending on how you see it)! 🙂

  4. I enjoyed The Son, so I am excited to hear you say it wasn’t his best!! I will look out some of his others soon, might go to the library to see what they have. ☺

  5. (commenting on the comments first) I have read all Harry Hole books. He is quite likely the most annoying person in the entire world but oh his adventures are gripping!’The Son’ wasn’t my favourite. Somehow, for me the series finished with the previous book. (back to your post). I don’t like Ellie Griffiths, I find her writing quite uninspiring. It might well be because I actually know a real forensic archaeologist. My favourite crime series is by far Christopher Fowler’s ‘Peculiar Crime Unit’ series. x

    • Oooh, I always think it would be so interesting to be something like a forensic archaeologist – I can see how knowing one in real life might take the shine off the fictional one. I also find Elly Griffiths writing style a little bit odd – I am not a fan of the present tense thing that she has going on, but I do love the characters so I can push past the writing!

      I have not heard of the series you mentioned, so I am going to scuttle off to the library catalogue now and do some research! x

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