Healthy Back Bags

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I start to carry things around in my bags my back almost immediately starts to hurt.  I can’t use pretty bags that I see around because I feel all unbalanced and everything aches after a few minutes.  I have found this problem multiply since taking my camera everywhere with me.

I have used a Healthy Back Bag for a number of years, and truly it doesn’t feel like I am carrying anything if I use my medium sized bag.


I really love it – it also keeps everything really organised, so no more rooting around in the depths of a bag for your keys, yippee!  The only problem I have found is that it is slightly too small for me to comfortably fit my camera in.  It just fits, but not much else fits comfortably.

So I asked the lovely people at Healthy Back Bag whether they might send me one of their Big Bags for me to try out as a camera bag.


I was keen to see if it could really rival the traditional (boring, black) camera bag or the new wave of fashionable camera bags “for ladies” which seem to me to be made to hurt your back and shoulders!  To my delight, they said yes!  I received the bag last week and have been testing it out.  I am going to spend a little more time with it to really review it to the best of my abilities – so you can look out for that post next Monday all being well.

So far, things are looking good!

I will report back with my full review soon.

Have you found a bag that you really love to use?

Organdie. x


3 thoughts on “Healthy Back Bags

  1. For everyday use, my Nica crossbody handbag with the padded insert from my Billingham Hadley bag is great. It takes both my DSLR with 50mm lens attached and the Fujifilm X30. I rarely use the ‘Billingham’ – it’s not very fashionable or big enough for trips.

    Although black, I love the Manfrotto advanced-tri-backpack-medium. I can go away for 2-3 nights with everything packed in it: Both cameras, plus two additional lenses, clothes, make-up etc., etc., and the Manfrotto Befree travel tripod strapped to it. Three ways of configuring the straps too, normal back-pack style, crossed in front or as a sling – amazing piece of kit, just a shame it’s black!!

  2. I always feel a bit sad when bags are black, I don’t know why! Just a little bit of colour!!

    I have tried so many bags, it’s just not funny anymore! I have quite a collection of (to me) unusable bags because something about them just doesn’t sit right.

    It’s lovely when you find a bag that really works for you – happy days! ☺

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