Enveloped small

Enveloped in soft folds of crochet, just where I would like to be right now!

Organdie. x

A post as part of the Daily Press Weekly Photo Challenge – you can find more details about it here.


13 thoughts on “Enveloped

    • Freddy is always comfy! To be honest I have only just found the challenge – don’t ask me how I’ve missed it for so long… Silly me…I will be looking forward to joining in from now! 🙂

      • I only found it recently too. It’s great for finding new photo blogs 🙂 Yesterday was a good day for The Monochrome Muse, have you had a look at all?

      • Yes, I have been enjoying your posts. I am getting myself in gear to join in soon. Turned this one to b&w but it didn’t really work. Hoping to get out a bit more over this week and get cracking!

  1. Crocheted blankies are the best – you take it from me, I actually describe myself as a blanket aficionado on my blog, haha! Despite my minimalist ways, I have two crocheted blankets. Best enjoyed in a wingback chair, with a snoozing doggie in your lap, a big cuppa tea on the side (the opposite side of aforementioned doggie), and a Kindle in the hand that isn’t busy cuddling said doggie. Actually… I’ve just met a big deadline and could do with a bit of a break right about now. *wanders off to brew a cuppa*

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