The Year in Books :: July 2015

Books and Crochet

Just a short post for The Year in Books this month as I only really read one book and dipped in and out of a few others but didn’t really connect with any of them so they were put aside.

The book I did read – and absolutely adored – was Mariana by Monica Dickens. This really reminded me of I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith, which I read in February and also absolutely loved, and I just couldn’t put this book down.

It is gentle, funny and vivid novel about Mary growing up and encountering life and love, and as Persephone say in their lovely catalogue – it is a hot-water bottle novel.  Couldn’t agree more, there is nothing to dislike about the novel and I will look forward to reading it again in the cooler months, perhaps with a hot-water bottle of my own and more blankets than I needed when reading it this time.

As usual I have absolutely no idea about what I will be reading in July – although if you saw my last post The Library Lover’s Tag, you will see I have lots of books to have a go at!

What have you been reading in June?  Got anything amazing lined up for July?

Organdie. x

PS – As always this project was started by Laura over at Circle of Pine Trees– go and say hi, her blog is gorgeous!  You can find more information about The Year in Books project by visiting the page on her blog here.



6 thoughts on “The Year in Books :: July 2015

  1. I love Persephone books. I have become very addicted to the swift delivery and light weight of kindle books but I do try to buy Persephone books. They are lovely in themselves. Have you read “Miss Pettigrew lives for a day”? I think you would love it from what you say. Will have to find the Monica Dickens. Sounds just my sort of thing!

    • My kindle bit the dust a few months ago, I am wondering whether to save up and replace it… Miss Pettigrew is firmly on my Persephone wish list (well all of them are, but you know what I mean!) And I will treat myself to it sometime! Mariana is still on my mind, not really been able to settle to reading much else since reading it!

  2. So far in July I have managed Amanda Prowse Perfect Daughter, Ann Hood’s The Knitting Circle, Take Me Home Daniela Sacerdoti and I am now on Lisa Genova’s Still Alice. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of Go tell a watchman the Harper Lee novel which is due to arrive today and then I will have to be oh so good at waiting to start it until I have completed Still Alice.

    • Wowee! Super July reading so far. I have To Kill a Mockingbird on my shelf to read at some point, I didn’t study it at school and it seems to gave passed me by!

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