Happy New Year!


Just a quick post to wish you all the best for the coming year and to tell you a couple of photography projects I am planning for this year.

I enjoyed my year of film from 2014 that I am planning to do it again. This time won’t necessarily see me using a different camera each month, but I plan to shoot at least one roll of film per month. I’ve missed my film cameras lately.

I also plan to take a digital photo a day in 2016 – I might use prompts from Fat Mum Slim or others, or they might just be random. Who knows!


Have you got any projects planned for 2016?

Organdie. x


2 thoughts on “2016!

  1. My 2016 good proposal are: do more shooting than in 2015 (I have even one day more…) loose 5 kilos, run my yearly marathon in less than 3h45m… Take more time for me and my family than in 2015.
    Ah, try to put one pic per day in my Instagram account…
    That’s it, nothing more… Have a wonderful 2016!

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