The Year of Film :: January 2016

I decided that 2016 should feature more film photography than 2015, so I thought that resurrecting the film a month project from 2014 would be a good idea.

I was quite excited by the prospect in January and immediately picked up one of the newest cameras in my collection – the Pentax K1000, bit of a classic!

I loved using this camera – everything needs setting yourself and you can really tell that you are taking a photograph, rather than the camera doing everything for you and snapping away.

Here are a few of my favourites from the month:











Really enjoyed getting out and about with film again – I wasn’t aware of how much I missed it last year.  I am partway through my next film – this time using my trusty Pentax ME Super – and I will post them here once the film is finished and processed.  How fun!

Do you like using film too?

Organdie. x



3 thoughts on “The Year of Film :: January 2016

  1. I think you’re right. I’m in trouble because there are no film developing labs in my neighbours.
    But “I will follow” like the U2 sing and taking courage with my two hands I’ll grab my film camera to shoot something, somewhere, somehow.
    Good pics Organdie, ad usual.

    • Thanks! Hope you enjoy picking up your film camera again. I send my films off to be processed using a company on the internet because I can’t get them processed anywhere near me, maybe you could try something similar?

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